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Juba Norway is a civil society organization for children and for child rights. Most of our members range from the age 6-14 but regardless of age, everyone wishing to support our work is welcome as members. Membership fees are kept low, however there may be an additional fee in some of our local groups. Juba promotes an alcohol- and drug free lifestyle.

The history of Juba goes back to the 1870s, but the organization in its present form was established in 2009. Juba is an abbreviation in Norwegian language of the full name “Junior and Children’s Organization. Throughout the country Juba has several local activity groups where the members take part in activities in a safe, alcohol and drug free environment.

Juba strives to offer positive leisure time experiences, personal development, strengthened social skills and the opportunity for children to take responsibility for activities and for their fellow-members. Activities are chosen to promote these values among the members, e.g. theatre, dance, music, song, hiking, arts and crafts, games, role plays etc. All activities are led by experienced adults, trained through Juba’s own training programs.

Various types of camps are an important part of Jubas work; summer camps, theatre camps, winter camps etc. At our camps children develop specific activity skills as well as general social skills.


Our programs

Trygg oppvekst

Juba has since the late 1990s developed the life coping ability program “A Safe and Sound Adolescence” (Trygg Oppvekst). We now run a well-recognized, high quality program that regularly undergoes adjustments by professionals to ensure that it reflects and refutes the challenges of the current life of children and adolescents as well as meeting the educational requirements set by the State Of  Norway.

The program is based on group conversation consisting of 6-8 students from 5th-10th grade led by two adult leaders who has undergone our training. The group addresses relevant topics and situations that are likely to take place in adolescence. The goal is empowerment, understanding how to set boundaries for normality and having the courage to make good choices, all which will benefit both themselves and those around them.


Hvem blir Norgesmester?

“Who will be the next Norwegian champions?” (Hvem blir Norgesmester?) is an online knowledge competition for 6th and 7th graders.

Through three rounds of competition throughout the school year the students get challenged in many different subjects, mainly from science and social studies. The competition addresses important themes, such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs and how to make good choices. Through simple resources online the teacher get help realizing some of the goals in science and social studies.

In spring the winners are chosen and will win a activity day for the whole class!


Juba is funded by support from the Ministry of Health, membership fees and other State run project grants.
Juba is a member of IOGT International, The Norwegian Children and Youth Council, Actis – The Norwegian Alcohol and Drugs Policy Network, among others.


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