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Juba is a Substance Abuse Prevention nonprofit organization open to all children. We offer a variety of activities in our local groups, summer camps, seasonal events and more. Jubas grown up volunteer leaders aim to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment in which children may play, make friends, explore and learn.

Most of our members are aged 6–14, but anyone who supports our cause are welcome as a members. Our goal is to create confident children with faith in themselves and others. With the help of adult role models with positive values ​​and clear boundaries, we give children the opportunity to develope competence and skills to take responsibility for themselves, as well as confidence to make their own choices. Juba is a religiously and politically independent organization. All our activities are drug- and alcohol-free. Persons with board positions regionally and centrally in Juba, as well as local team leaders, must practice a drug,- and alcohol-free lifestyle as long as they hold such positions.

Our mission

In the work to prevent substance misuse,promote democracy and justice, Juba will:

  • Create safe, drug-free and developing environments for children to grow up in.
  •  Take an active role in addressing prevention areas, health, alcohol and drug policy.
  • Keep a keen focus on issues that affect children and youth and their families
  • Educate children in becoming independent and to develop skills for self care, be responsible and to participate in democratic processes.
  • Provide opportunities to learn more about other countries and cultures and develop tolerance and respect for people who think and live differently than we ourselves do.Juba receives operating and project grants from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs


Our program

Trygg oppvekst

Juba has since the late 1990s developed the life coping ability program “A Safe and Sound Adolescence” (Trygg Oppvekst). We now run a well-recognized, high quality program that regularly undergoes adjustments by professionals to ensure that it reflects and refutes the challenges of the current life of children and adolescents as well as meeting the educational requirements set by the State Of  Norway.

The program is based on group conversation consisting of 6-8 students from 5th-10th grade led by two adult leaders who have undergone our training. The group addresses relevant topics and situations that are likely to take place in adolescence. The goal is empowerment, understanding how to set boundaries for normality and having the courage to make good choices, all which will benefit both themselves and those around them.


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